This page is a collection of times my work or I has been featured in media publications. If you’ve seen something I haven’t, please let me know so I can post it here!

The Smart Cigarette Case That Guilts Smokers with Hard Data” – A FastCompany article about Nicotrax at the launch of their Indiegogo campaign.

Google Has a Way to Unclog Drone-Filled Skies Like it Did the Web” – Features a demo of PrecisionHawk’s LATAS air traffic control system.

Meet Ricky Hopper, Lead Software Developer at DXLab in Raleigh-Durham, NC” – A profile done during Steve Case’s “Rise of the Rest” tour.

8 Lessons From TEDxRaleigh’s Wonderlusting Presenters” – Takeaways from TEDxRaleigh 2016 featured in ExitEvent.

Why technology has become my art | Ricky Hopper | TEDxRaleigh 2016” – Presentation I gave at TEDxRaleigh 2016.