Hi, I’m Ricky.

I’m a digital creative from Raleigh, North Carolina, and I strive to leverage emerging technologies and build experiences that expand human potential.

I believe we’ve just started to scratch the surface of what technology can do for humankind. Currently, I work as a software product manager and technical lead at Formlabs, a 3D printer manufacturing company. The technology Formlabs makes powers the next wave of digital manufacturing, with an expanding number of printers and workflows to break down the barriers between design and fabrication.

Before Formlabs, I worked at PrecisionHawk, where I created and built a team around the PrecisionFlight app, developed the LATAS air traffic control system, and wore multiple hats across development / product management / design. Before that, I designed and developed software solutions at dxlab design, where I led design workshops and managed software development teams while building solutions for clients.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing music (mainly on guitar and cello), designing / building musical instruments, developing fun software projects, reading, and spending time outside.

I made this site to showcase the work I’ve done, and to start discussions on interesting topics and technologies. Please reach out if you find any of this interesting – I’d love the opportunity to learn from more people with similar passions.